Wilson condemns targeted killings in Afghanistan


| by: OrbandNews Team

16 February 2021

KABUL: Ross Wilson, Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, applauded the recent report of UNAMA on the targeted killings of human rights defenders and journalists in the country while condemning the increased targeted attacks in Afghanistan.
In a series of tweets on Monday, Wilson supported UNAMA’s call on the Taliban insurgents to investigate, condemn, and prohibit targeted civilian killings in Afghanistan.
He also called on the Afghan government to “strengthen protections for Afghan citizens, prosecute attacks transparently and end impunity for murderers.”
This comes amid an increased hype around foreign troop pullout from Afghanistan as per the US-Taliban Doha peace deal.  The Taliban oppose further stay, but U.S. and NATO have hinted at keeping forces beyond May.