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    Afghan officials, Gen. Miller confer on spike in violence 

    4 January 2021

    KABUL: General Scott Miller, the US and NATO commander in fghanistan, conferred on the country’s security conditions with the high Afghan security officials.

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    Qatari Emir to ramp up efforts for truce in Afghanistan 

    3 January 2021

    KABUL: The Qatari Emir has pledged efforts for making a nationwide ceasefire possible in Afghanistan during the next phase of Afghan peace talks.

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    UK sees peace a sole solution to Afghan mire

    2 January 2021

    KABUL: The British Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ian Collard, deems peace the only solution to halt killings and war in Afghanistan, calling for a reduction in violence.

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    US envoy discusses strategies for Afghan media security

    30 December 2020

    KABUL: In a meeting with the Afghan media community, the US envoy to Afghanistan has stressed press freedom in Afghanistan as one of the most significant gains over the past 19 years. 

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    Blame game harmful to Afghan peace, warns Pakistan

    28 December 2020

    KABUL: Pakistani foreign ministry has reiterated its commitment to lasting peace in Afghanistan, warning negative statements from some Afghan circles against Pakistan on its role in the Afghan peace would harm the process.

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    Egypt pledges to train Afghan Ulema on peace

    28 December 2020

    KABUL: Citing Ulema and Islamic leaders’ weak role in the Afghan peace process, a private company has come to the fore to build their capacity in collaboration with Al-Azhar University in Egypt. 

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    "Goals accomplished, time to leave Afghanistan" 

    27 December 2020

    KABUL: Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Afghanistan, William Ruger, said that his country had accomplished its goals in Afghanistan, and it was time to withdraw from the country. 

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    Negotiations only way for achieving peace in Afghanistan: EU

    27 December 2020

    KABUL: European Parliament says peace negotiations are the only way for settling the conflict in Afghanistan, asking the Taliban to declare a ceasefire because talks alongside violence would end up in futility.

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    Indonesia expresses readiness to advise Afghanistan on peace

    26 December 2020

    KABUL: Promising Indonesia’s continuous contribution to the Afghan peace process, a delegation of Indonesian Mohammadiyah Scholars Council during a visit to Kabul have called on the Taliban to shun violence. 

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    Targeted killings, assassinations threaten peace: Khalilzad

    25 December 2020

    KABUL: U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has strongly condemned the death of the Free and Fair Election Forum Head Yousaf Rasheed, several doctors working in Puli Charkhi, and women’s rights activist Farishta Kohistani.